You’re lucky if you have a spare minute in a given workday. Don’t waste it on the financial upkeep of your firm. Instead, entrust your accounting and tax planning to a law firm CPA you can trust: Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., P.C. .

A law firm isn’t just any business. It’s a serious business with serious financial obligations — to both clients and the powers that be. You’ve worked hard to build your firm and its reputation, but as you know well, even a relatively simple mistake can sink everything you’ve worked so hard for.

CPA for Law Firms

Even if you have a head for numbers, you’re focused on practicing law — not being the CPA for your law firm. Why not let a CPA fill that role?

Not just any CPA, either — a dedicated CPA for law firms at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., P.C. . We understand the gravity of the books law firms must manage, and we have a proven track record of successful partnerships with attorneys throughout the San Antonio area. Read on to learn more about how we can help you.

Why Choose Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., P.C. ?

Accountants are everywhere, and even CPAs are relatively common in our area. The same can be said of attorneys, but you know how much a client’s choice of attorney can matter for the outcome of their case. The same can be said for CPAs.

Not all CPAs know what goes into the financial management of a law firm. But we do. We’ve made a habit of helping law firms of all sizes get their finances under control. And we don’t stop there. We build long-term accounting systems and strategies to minimize tax exposure and maximize profitability.

Then, we turn those strategies into success stories. That’s the moment we live for — when you look at your thriving firm and connect at least a small portion of its success to our CPA services for law firms.

How Our CPAs Serve Attorneys

We make a tireless effort to set ourselves apart from the pack of CPAs. We’re not just CPAs — we’re law firm CPAs. We help firms like yours master the following financial challenges:

Law Firm Accounting

If you never want to hear the words “accounts receivable” and “accounts payable” again, you don’t have to. We’ll handle every aspect of the money coming into and out of your firm so you can focus on practicing law.

Here are some of the law firm accounting services we offer:

  • Financial statement review
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) accounting
  • Internal audits
  • Pension and benefit plan audits
  • Financial forecasting
  • Merger and acquisition assistance

Law Firm Tax Planning

There’s a simple fact at play when it comes to law firms and the taxes they pay: The less you pay in taxes, the more profitable your firm is likely to be. You have to be in compliance with state and federal regulations, of course, but there is a lot more wiggle room within the confines of tax law than many law firm owners may realize.

To that end, our legal CPA team will dive deep into your firm’s finances to find opportunities to take more deductions and credits, as well as many other strategies to reduce the amount of your revenue that is exposed to taxation.

The following are some of the most common tax-related services we provide for law firms:

  • State and federal tax planning and filing
  • Tax deferral maximization
  • Audits of past returns
  • IRS assistance
  • Tax compliance audits

Law Firm CPA Consulting

Perhaps you need less of the day-to-day bookkeeping and more of the in-depth analysis and strategy building that can set your firm up for long-term financial success. You’re in the right place.

As experienced CPAs for lawyers and law firms, we deeply understand the financial hurdles firms like yours face. And as certified fraud examiners (CFEs), we can also assist with not only internal auditing and internal controls implementation, but forensic accounting and CPA-related litigation support.

You Practice Law. We’ll Practice Accounting.

Practicing law isn’t just a lot of work, it’s hard work. You need to be able to focus on that — not the 1,000 financial matters filling up your inbox and lengthening your to-do lists. Fortunately, you don’t have to. You can enlist the services of Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., P.C. . We’re the CPAs lawyers trust, and there’s a good reason for that: Our CPA firm won’t let you or your firm down. Diligent, dedicated, and downright tireless, our team is ready to handle any accounting or tax-related matter your firm can throw our way. Ready to get started? Reach out to Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., P.C., today. Give us a call at
(210) 822-9950 or contact us online.

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