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Business taxes should be an opportunity to save money and make your business more efficient — not a headache. When you work with Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., you’ll get no headaches and plenty of money- and time-saving tax guidance.

Business owners like you know all too well how much time, effort, and energy goes into ensuring your business operates efficiently. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for financial planning, accounting, and tax preparation.

Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., offers efficient and effective tax preparation for businesses across San Antonio and in nearby cities. Manage your company’s financials the right way during tax season and year-round with help from our dedicated CPAs.

How Our CPAs Can Prepare Your Business for Tax Season

In the past, you might’ve used QuickBooks, TurboTax, and other methods to handle your business’ accounting and tax prep on your own. But now that your business is thriving, the benefits of having a trusted CPA handling your business finances and accounting are undeniable and becoming more pronounced every day.

You need more than a one-size-fits-all software. You need customized, dedicated business tax services — the kind only an experienced CPA firm can provide. That’s exactly what you get at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co.

Here are some of our most popular business tax prep services:

  • Entity selection and structure with tax liability in mind
  • State and federal payroll taxes
  • Preparation and filing of federal income taxes
  • Development and analysis of profit and loss statements
  • Ensuring your business is in compliance with local and state sales tax laws
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reducing tax liability in general

Don’t put your business at risk over failure to adhere to business tax obligation deadlines. You could face adverse action and fines if you are found in noncompliance. With an experienced CPA handling your business’ accounting and taxes, you can reduce these risks and increase your company’s profitability.

CPA Services: Tax Preparation for Businesses of All Sizes

At Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., our CPAs are prepared to help your business get ready for tax time no matter the size. Our clients operate businesses of many kinds, including the following:

  • Sole proprietors. In a sole proprietorship, you are assuming all of your business’ expenses, assets, and liabilities. We can help you reduce your businesses losses and minimize potential tax liabilities.
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs). In forming an LLC, you have separated yourself from your business, but the tax obligations eat away at your profits nonetheless. We’ll find intelligent, strategic actions to ease the tax burden you face through your LLC.
  • General partnerships. We can help ensure your business’ liabilities and assets are divided correctly based on your percentage of business ownership, among many related services.
  • C corporations. When you’re operating a business that can be taxed separately from you, you need keen financial eyes on your tax situation at all times. That’s precisely what we’ll provide to you.
  • S corporations. When your business operates as a S corp, our firm can increase tax flexibility and help you avoid being taxed twice.
  • Nonprofits. As a nonprofit, you may not be required to pay federal income taxes, but we can ensure income is recognized as charitable where appropriate and ensure your nonprofit’s taxes remain in compliance.

Tax Preparation Process for Businesses

You have a business to run. You don’t have time to waste on tax preparation and financial planning. Let your CPA handle your business’ tax prep. Here’s what you can expect from your financial planning session:

  1. Start off by meeting with our CPA to assess your business’ tax situation and implement strategies.
  2. Review your business’ documentation and tax forms, which you will need to send to your CPA. This includes your balance sheet, income statements, general ledgers, and other accounting records. Your business tax preparer can also prepare your business balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and other financial records if need be.
  3. We will analyze your bookkeeping and accounting records, looking for opportunities to reduce tax liability and increase profitability. After assessing your records, your accountant can finish preparing your business tax return.
  4. Once your business tax return is ready for filing, you can review your tax records and sign all required forms. From there, your CPA can process and file your tax return with the IRS.

Business Tax Prep FAQ

Our CPAs can get your business back on top of your tax situation. When you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are some of the most common questions we receive:

What documents will I need to bring to my business tax preparation consultation?

If possible, bring the following financial records:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • General ledgers
  • Social Security documents
  • Identification
  • Real estate documents
  • Estimated tax payment receipts
  • Bank statements

If you do not already have these documents, your CPA can review your business’ financial records to prepare them.

Do you file my business’ taxes after preparation?

Our CPAs will be able to file your business taxes after you have reviewed your tax return and signed your tax forms.

How do I know my information and data are secure?

At Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., we pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ financial data secure at all times. Using leading software and industry-exceeding security standards, our bookkeeping and accounting services deny unauthorized users access to your confidential financial records in all cases.

Contact the Business Tax Preparation Professional You Can Trust

When you want your business to be successful but you don’t have time for the intricacies of accounting and tax preparation, turn to our trusted business tax prep CPAs at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. Schedule your free consultation by calling our office at (210) 822-9950 or contacting us online today.

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