Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. is a CPA & CFE Firm in San Antonio, Texas.

You care about your business, and so do we. We’re a business accounting firm in San Antonio dedicated to our clients’ success. From business formation and payroll setup to internal controls and litigation support, we have your needs covered — no matter the size of your business.


You deserve forward-thinking solutions that generate new ideas, manage your business’ daily operations, maintain compliance with Texas and federal tax laws, and ensure strong cash flow. And that’s exactly what you get when you work with a business accountant at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co.


We are here to handle all aspects of your business accounting and tax compliance needs.  You need an accounting firm you can rely on to get your business operating efficiently. And now, you’ve found one.

How We Can Help: Our Business Accounting Services

Our services are comprehensive. Review a few of our most popular tax and accounting services for businesses below, and contact our office for more information.


We can handle your company’s payroll and offer strategic payroll solutions so you can spend less time managing finances and more time growing your business.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow issues can put your business on the line. Avoid a cash crisis by having us develop cash flow projections and innovative strategies to get your business back on track.

Financial Planning

Strategy, analysis, and innovation are key to financial planning for businesses. And that’s what we’re all about. Leave the planning to us so you can focus on the doing.

Small Business Accounting

Your small business leaves little time for you to handle your own books. We can handle all of the financial records on your behalf so you can focus on your company’s products and services.

Business Succession Planning

Family-owned businesses required a detailed and sturdy succession plan to ensure the survival of the company for generations to come.

New Business Formation

Before you open the doors to your new business, a business CPA from our firm can help you review your finances, operations, and management systems to set your new business up for success.

Internal Controls

If your current internal control systems are lacking and holding your business back, we can analyze your current operating procedures and implement solutions that can help your company become more effective.

Litigation Support

A lawsuit brought against your business could put your company in jeopardy. Do not risk your business’ future by going it alone. When you are facing litigation, the guidance and support of a trusted business accountant can turn the tide in your favor.

Other Services

Don’t see your business accounting needs listed above? We offer a broad range of additional business accounting services, including the following:

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With Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., on your side, you can run your business your way — and we handle the details. Ready to start? Schedule your free consultation with our experienced business CPAs today.

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Why Work with Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., P.C. ?

When you have a business to run, the last thing you have time for is handling the financial records, taxes, and other time-consuming details of business ownership.

That’s a full-time job, and you already have one of those. What you need is a dedicated small business accountant, but not just any CPA — you need a business accountant who takes the time to understand your needs and solve the problems you face.

Whether you have a complex tax situation, are considering company compensation and benefit plans, need to analyze your stock options, or otherwise want to set your business up for success, our business accounting firm is here to help.

Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. can help your local business thrive through efficient business operations and strategies. We recognize how valuable your business is to the community, and we are here to help ensure your success for decades to come.

If payroll, cash flow, accounting, and tax preparation are acting as barriers to your company’s success, working with a business accountant at our firm may be your best business move yet.

That’s because we transform financial and accounting barriers into opportunities for your business. We reduce your stress, help ensure your success, and raise your financial efficiency to previously unseen heights.

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