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Secure finances are a critical building block of a secure future. And while you can handle many aspects of your personal finances on your own, you may need the assistance of our highly trained CPAs to make sure you’re seeing the big financial picture.

With an experienced CPA at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. on your side, you get comprehensive finance and estate plans, handcrafted retirement solutions, dignified and comprehensive elder care, and much more. Read on for more detail about our unparalleled individual accounting services.

Personal Finance Plans

Preparing for your financial future is critical if you hope to maintain stability and build personal wealth. With help from a reputable CPA at our firm, you can create financial freedom, improve your personal financial performance, and secure your future.

Some of the most important aspects of strong personal finance plans include:

  • Identification of retirement needs. Our team can review your current income, assets, and expenses to determine how to source your retirement income and reduce your risk exposure leading into retirement.
  • Family protection plans. Purchasing healthy amounts of home, life, health, disability, and other types of insurance can help you prepare your family for the worst-case scenario. We’ll help you make sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed.
  • College education savings. Estimating potential shortfalls, analyzing your assets and income, and strategizing about how to cover your child’s estimated college education fees will be of utmost importance in the financial planning process. We’ll be your stalwart partner through it all, offering clear-eyed advice for the long term.
  • Formulate and achieve investment goals. Securing your future means identifying investment goals. Our CPAs can help you maximize returns and match your risk tolerance after analyzing your financial state.
  • Establish sound estate plans. Personal finance plans often include the preparation of trusts and estates. We’ll dive into every detail to make sure your loved ones can carry on after your passing.

Over the course of your life, your personal financial situation will shift and evolve. Our CPAs are prepared to be there through it all, always offering the services you need to meet the financial moment:

  • Understanding and developing comprehensive personal financial plans designed to meet your investment and financial goals
  • Making changes to financial plans as needed
  • Reviewing existing and potential investment and savings strategies
  • Handling your personal and business tax prep and financial plans
  • Determining strategies to preserve wealth
  • Evaluating retirement and investment portfolio risks
  • Analyzing individual, business, and retirement budgets
  • Developing income distribution and retirement plans

Estate Planning

You may be interested in planning your estate on your own, but the impact could wind up being financially devastating. Even small mistakes in your estate plan documents could lead to problems like heir ineligibility, extended probate, unfair asset appraisals, and more.

A CPA from our firm can help you understand the ins and outs of the estate planning process and make decisions that make sense for your beneficiaries and align with your wishes. We can help you with the following:

  • Evaluating your estate planning options
  • Determining at what age your heirs should inherit
  • Determining how to protect an heir’s inheritance from creditors
  • Reducing tax exposure
  • Minimizing or avoiding probate
  • Preparing and reviewing estate planning documents
  • Arranging for estate management should you become incapable of doing so
  • Making amends to trusts, powers of attorney, and wills
  • Remedying trust and estate tax issues
  • Handling lifetime family wealth transfers

Estate planning can often be overwhelming, but with an experienced and professional CPA at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co., by your side, you’ll be far from overwhelmed — you will be relieved. We will be with you every step of the way to help you ensure your wishes are laid out clearly in your estate plans.

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Retirement Planning

You hope to live a long life, and that might mean that you need to plan for decades of retirement. Such long-term financial planning can be a challenge, but the CPAs at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. can help ensure that you conquer this challenge without stress or financial setbacks slowing you down.

Our team is prepared to help you set up long term plans to meet your retirement goals. That may include adjusting investment and savings strategies, consolidating disparate retirement accounts, making adjustments to key insurance policies, and much more.

Whatever your retirement planning needs are, you’ll see them met and exceeded when you work with our CPA firm.

Elder Care Services

Individual accounting services also typically include considerations regarding elder care. Whether you are hoping to protect yourself and your spouse as you age or have an elderly relative who requires financial assistance, a dedicated CPA from Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. can give you peace of mind.

You should never have to worry that you or someone you love will be taken advantage of by financial predators. Our elder care accounting services include the following:

  • Managing assets
  • Balancing checkbooks
  • Paying household expenses
  • Preparing income taxes
  • Evaluating healthcare financing options
  • Taking an inventory of assets, income, and expenses
  • Preparing household budgets, leaving room for necessary but unexpected expenses including those for emergency medical care or home repairs
  • Ensuring adequate cash flow
  • Management of daily finances
  • Monitoring financial and investment accounts

You do not want your children to have to worry about taking care of you and your spouse as you age. While you have the time and energy to set your elder care services up for success, you can do so by working with a trusted CPA at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. .

Our team will look out for your best interests, ensuring your needs are met as you reach your later years and keeping you informed of updates and necessary changes along the way. Protect your financial freedom well into the future by establishing strong elder care services in advance.

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When you are ready to discuss your individual accounting needs, contact an experienced CPA at Rodriguez Reiffert & Co. Our team is here to help you plan ahead so you can enjoy retirement with a secure and comfortable future. Schedule your free consultation today by contacting us online or calling us at 210-822-9950.

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